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Postpartum Weightloss

At 8 months pp, I recently posted a picture of my body progress. I worked out my entire pregnancy with Max, with my last workout being deadlifts at 265lb two days before his birth. He was born full-term (39+3) at a healthy 7lb4oz. I gained a total of 20lb during the pregnancy.

Since Max’s birth, I haven’t done anything crazy to lose the weight or “get my body back.” In fact, I hate that phrase, and I wrote about it in a previous blog. So what have I done to make the progress I have? I think the best way to help others is to do a Q&A style post to address the most common questions I have been receiving.

What are your macros?

I don’t now, nor have I ever, counted macros. I like to think that I eat intuitively. I generally focus on keeping my protein and vegetable intakes high. I follow Dr. Mark Hyman and I find his research on food fascinating. I very loosely follow his “eat fat, get thin” diet. Some staples in my diet include: bacon (the real stuff. Turkey bacon makes me cry), eggs, avocado, chicken, ground turkey, every vegetable under the sun, fresh fruits, and nuts and nut butters. I am gluten and dairy intolerant, so I avoid those.

Since I am 6 weeks out from my next meet and have a few more pounds to go to my competition weight, I am starting most days with bulletproof coffee and then waiting to eat a meal about 5-6 hours later.

Has losing weight affected your milk supply?

I’m happy to say that I’m still breastfeeding strong with a healthy supply. Little man pretty much nurses all night long (let’s have a moment of silence for the lost sleep…). I believe that mothers can lose weight and maintain their supply as long as they are not taking any drastic measures and stay hydrated.

What protein powder do you use? Any other supplements?

I use Modern Source plant-based protein in vanilla from Nutrishop Murrieta. I trust the products in that store and will be doing a live interview with the owner soon, so be on the lookout. I don’t use any other sports supplements—no bcaa’s, pre-workout, aminos… I do take a probiotic and I continue to take prenatal vitamins. I am pretty minimalistic with my supplements whether I’m pregnant/nursing or not.

How did lifting go when you first started back up after having baby?

IT WAS SO HARD. I was surprised because I had powerlifted throughout my pregnancy. I took 6 weeks off after having Max, and when I stepped back in the gym, my old warm-up weights became my 1RMs. I felt like quitting. I nearly killed myself on bench and had to do a roll of shame with a weight that is now like 65% of my max. But I am so glad that I didn’t give up and that I kept with it. I’m now stronger than I was pre-pregnancy and I keep seeing more gains. My biggest advice for new moms is to take it slow and ease back into the lifting, as hard as that is mentally.

A few other things I’d like to mention—I rarely do traditional cardio. My results are mostly from healthy eating and lifting heavy. I also don’t have a coach for lifting or for my nutrition, but there is great value in those, and I see myself hiring someone in the future. Because even as an experienced trainer, there is still more that I can learn and everyone needs accountability now and again.

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