I'm Sarah Strong and to me, being strong is more than just my name. It's who I am, inside and out, and I'm passionate about helping other women find their strength as well. I believe that fitness is a great tool not just for strengthening your body, but for strengthening your character and mind. The Stronghold provides a safe place for women to work on themselves, to uplift each other, and to conquer any feats in their way.

I am a single mom to two beautiful children-- Savannah and Max. They are my world and drive me to be a better person. I have been in personal training for over 10 years, and I specialize in powerlifting coaching and in pre&post-natal fitness. I exercised throughout my pregnancies, and was featured in some media outlets in this recent pregnancy because of the amount of weight I was lifting. I'm a powerlifter, and I did not stop my sport during pregnancy. I was deadlifting close to 300lbs up until the week I gave birth to my healthy, perfect baby boy. While I know this workout routine was not for every pregnant mom, it was perfect and healthy for me and my baby.

I am also a survivor of domestic violence, which is what led to me being a single mom. I now advocate for victims' rights and bringing awareness to the prevalence of domestic violence in our society. The Stronghold aims to point DV victims in the right direction to leave and get help. And I share my firsthand experience so that it might help others.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

My Mission

My mission is to empower women to be the strongest versions of themselves-- inside and out. I do this through physical fitness training and through speaking on women's rights, domestic violence, and self-worth.


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